How to work The Internets (not!) #1

No 1 of my new series How to work The Internets (not!).

Under the unflattering title “Webtards: Mc Cain And Obama Reps Hold Worst Presidential Debate Ever On Twitter“, Gawker describes John McCain’s campaign video game:

McCain’s game is a sad imitation of Space Invaders, a pixelated smash hit c. 1983, but with pigs in place of the aliens, since it’s about how McCain shoots lasers at pork barrel politics, or something. You just know Obama’s game will be better…

What can I say, they’re right. Here’s the probably lamest campaign video game in U.S. politics:


The Daily Show loves the game, too – jump to ca. 4:17 for the relevant part:


Lesson learned? Assume your potential voters are dumb and/or easily wooed by some cheap-ass video game. (Not!)