Dopplr’s new public profiles: gorgeous stats

Last week I noticed that some Dopplr users’ profiles looked somewhat different than others’ and wondered why. Well, now it’s public: Dopplr now offers trips with several stops (which is very useful), but also access to more travel stats, all neatly wrapped up in funky eye candy like Raumzeitgeist (seen below). My favorite improvement? I have a hard time deciding between the trip visualization above and the average speed calculator below Raumzeitgeist.

Dopplr Public Profile

Needless to say, in the last nine or so months I haven’t traveled enough to really make any of these two visualizations worthwhile. I have a fair bit of traveling coming up, so from a Raumzeitgeist perspective, I can promise some improvements there.


Hallo Peter,

We’re glad you like the public profile and their embeddable badges. I just noticed some small issues in our CSS which I’ll fix and you can then embed them again your post without breaking your site. Sorry! Mea culpa!

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