Documents Are Conversations: The Future of Work (is now)

The Future of Work?A little while back, while I was visiting San Francisco, my buddy Max Senges (the proto knowledge entrepreneur) and I had a chat or two about the future of work, which both of us see in collaboration, sharing and networking/the cloud. Of course, just like for many of you, this has basically already become part of our work lives. But it’ll go further, and a great many folks and organizations might want to catch up.

Here’s a few brief thoughts, distilled into no more than 140 characters each, Twitter style (Max’ Twitter, my Twitter). We even scribbled a bunch of them in a notebook, in long-hand, but as it is with paper we lost it. So all I can provide right now is what I remember off the top of my head.

Don’t expect anything too deep; but maybe we were able to dig up a nugget or two that resonates with you. Without further ado, here’s the first few rough ideas.

  • Documents are conversation.
  • We live in the network, and you should, too.
  • Sharing is growth.
  • Social is the new black.
  • A paywall is a wall folks crash into. Free is a freeway that folks love to surf.
  • Hardware infrastructure is dead weight. We love to fly in the cloud.
  • Iterate, iterate and iterate: Nothing is ever finished.
  • Reputation, character and smarts are our capital.
  • We don’t give a shit about fancy titles. Neither ours, nor yours.
  • We want to deliver excellent results. For our clients’ best, but also to impress our peers.
  • You can eat your cake and have it, too. And know what? Your colleagues and your competition can eat that same cake, too. You’ll still have it.
  • We prefer casual talk about biz talk. We like to Get Things Done. There’s no contradiction there.
  • Flexibility is key. We won’t buy expensive stuff without checking them out up front. And we always prefer flexible rent-on-demand services.
  • Probably we know the people you’re looking for. Just ask us.
  • All this corporate stuff isn’t very sexy. We’d like to bring our own equipment.
  • We like to remix, mash up, hack. And we don’t care if the producer likes that or not.
  • Don’t broker with information. Sharing is much more effective. More fun, too.
  • Our watercooler lives in the cloud, too, it’s called Twitter.
  • Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And through Twitter it spreads fast. Really, really, really fast.
  • We’re always on. But here and there, we’ll go off the grid. During those rare times, we really won’t answer calls. Not even yours.
  • Our carry our social networks around in our pockets. Yes, even right now.

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