Berlin Web Buzz This Fall: Web2Expo & BarCampBerlin 3

This fall, Berlin will be buzzing with web stuff once more: O’Reilly’s Web2Expo will be in town, and it’ll be surrounded by a lot of smaller events. Most notably the way-more-intimate BarCamp Berlin in its third installment, aka . Last year, this meant a week or so full of web events as the Twitterati flocked to town. For me, it was Nerdvana.

I had a great time at Web2Expo and Barcamp Berlin last fall, geeking out and doing video interviews with both speakers and attendees. My personal favorite? I asked Tim O’Reilly how he’d tell his mom what Web 2.0 is. Here‘s what he* said:

(*Yes, I realize the movie start screen doesn’t show Tim O’Reilly himself.)

If you get a chance, make sure to say hi. To coordinate, why not just connect through the BarCampBerlin Mixxt Network or on Twitter? Also, Web2Expo will surely put up their own conference social network Crowdvine again, but it doesn’t seem to be up yet.

And, just because it rocks, here’s the BarCampBerlin logo, designed by Kosmar:

BarCampBerlin3, Logo designed by Kosmar (

It’s still early, but if you like to follow the process, BCB Soup and bcberlin3 on Twitter are a good way to go.

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