Alaska Airlines rethinks check-in, saves millions (and a lot of time)

Alaska Airlines saves millions by rethinking check-in flow: A great example of how companies can greatly improve their services & structure by simply rethinking the way they run things.

Summarizes the (must-read!) 37signals blog:

The airline studied theme parks, hospitals, and retailers to see how they handled similar situations. Then, the team built mock-ups in a warehouse using cardboard boxes for podiums, kiosks, and belts in order to find ways to increase efficiency.

The lesson here? Take your time to take a break from your daily business, step back and look at how your stuff works. Take it apart and shuffle it thoroughly, and hack away. Ask your clients and users for their ideas! It’s more than worth the effort if your service runs smoother afterwards.

A more detailed look at Alaska Airlines’ check-in overhaul at Fast Company.

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