Muji comes to Berlin

This is completely off-topic for this blog, I guess, but: Today, Muji opened a store in Berlin. And since I’ve been a total sucker for Muji for years, this makes me very happy indeed. In case you’re not familiar with this Japanese department store, they’re basically the makers of all kinds of things non-branded and smartly designed, from toothbrushes to pen & paper to portable ashtrays Moo card holders (I’m so getting one of those!):

Muji Moo Card Holder Muji ashtray-turned-card holder (photo by adem80)

Another thing I’ve been carrying for ages, and basically at all times, are Muji pens. Perfectly brand-less, well designed, and awesome in their simplicity:

Muji Pens and my bag Both the pen and the notepad are from Muji

As I said, this is off-topic. But if you like clean, simplistic designs, make sure to check out the next Muji you can find.


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