Presentation: print is dead, at least to the young

The print vs online discussion is as old as the internet, and I can’t even recall how often I’ve heard that print is dead. However, it’s not quite as common to also deliver the necessary data to back up this statement. One person who really has the science pat down and can back up his theories is Steffen Büffel, German media consultant and blogger. And he’s spot on in this presentation (which sadly we only have in German as of now):

(This version includes audio. If you’re looking for a slide-only version, you’ll find it here.)

My favorite point? Newspapers are the medium of our great grandparents, TV maybe the medium of our parents. But we live in the web.

Also, Steffen gave this presentation at a cross media seminar. Judging from the audience’s questions and feedback, they felt quite uncomfortable with his ideas. Which, of course, leads us right back to the main problem traditional media are facing these days: The media makers, or at least the decision-makers, largely belong to a different generation of media users than following generations. This development isn’t just going to go away, so big media: Why don’t you just come talk to us? You are familiar with good ol’ Cluetrain, are you? So come out and play!

Disclosure: I’ve been working with Steffen on and may be biased.