Subscribe-To-My-Twitterfriends’-Blog Day*

Julia Roy, social media consultant and Twitter fan extraordinaire, says:

Everyone rejoice! It’s the day we show our love for our Twitter friends and subscribe to their blogs. If you Twitter your blog URL to me, I will subscribe. I have a folder in my NetNewsWire RSS reader labeled “Twitter,” I like to check once a week. I do this because it makes me feel more connected with those I follow on Twitter. My goal this year is to take the time and comment more and feel, even more connected.

I say: Great idea! So I’ll try to go ahead and re-sort my RSS feeds accordingly, too. It might take a little while.

Update: Still haven’t gotten around to really sorting through all my RSS feeds. And since I realized it will be a while until I get to go through all of them, here’s a brief list of hand-picked gems:

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