How do you get your daily info shot?

Recently, I was asked how I go about getting my daily information. And since I’m quite an info junkie, that got me thinking. So I sat down and jotted down where I go to get my daily info shots. What’s in your info diet?

Here’s what I scan:

A few basics:

A number of weblogs, some on the web and a lot via RSS. They’d be too much to list here. But I noticed how my behavior regarding blog reading (and particularly RSS) has changed. More and more, I’ll take hints from my Twitter network: The great community there includes a whole bunch of top-notch social media experts, and it’s a wild mix of folks. Better chats than you get around your average coffee machine or water cooler.

Talking of which, talk to people. Word of mouth stays the most powerful indicator on what’s hot and what isn’t, and it sure is most fun!

The thing is: You can either dig really deep and go way into the long tail, or you can get the condensed version through more or less collaborative filters like, BoingBoing, the Technorati top lists and the others. Both systems work pretty well, depending on your available time. The cool thing is the scalability of collaborative filters: If you don’t have the time to dig yourself, then just skim the pre-filtered sites and you’ll get at least an impression of what’s on the agenda today. It’s really pretty reliable, and also works very fast these days. Another time you’ll have more time again and can dig up some treasures yourself.

So how do you select your daily diet of information? Share good hints in the comments!

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