What’s Your Job as a Web Strategy Consultant? You’re a Floating Device

Jump right in: You, me and the web pool. Image by Matthias Pflügner

What do I do for a living? Well, what you see above – at least according to my friend and partner in crime, illustrator Matthias Pflügner. This sketch is what he came up with after I tried to explain to him what my job as a web strategy consultant is.

In case it’s not obvious: Assume that you are my client, who’s not in the water (the web) yet. Then I’m the floating device. My job is to give you support and help you make the first step by easing the fear of the jump, and of course to help you stay afloat in the big, chaotic mess that the web is. If I do my job well, it shouldn’t be long until you lose your fear and start enjoying the refreshing pool, treading lightly. Soon, you’ll be able to swim on your own.

While I hadn’t come up with this description myself, I have to say I find it pretty neat, and to the point. (Thanks for the sketch, M.!)

What’s your take, how do you explain what you do to those outside the industry? I’m sure everybody has to explain it repeatedly, so share the image or story you use in the comments!

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