The Internet without Net Neutrality

When Net Neutrality Goes Away

Net Neutrality – the principle that all websites are created equal, and are treated equally by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – has been the basis for the free development of the web since, well, pretty much the creation of the web. But many ISPs have been attacking net neutrality: For if they charge extra for accessing more popular sites, they see a chance of earning more money. It’s that simple. ISPs would charge users more for accessing popular sites, and they would charge the website operators more if they wanted to be given premium access. Private or independent websites would be served more slowly, if at all.

But what would the web look like without Net Neutrality? This picture pretty much sums it up: We’d be back in an era of cable TV-like pricing, you’d have to choose a plan which would allow you to access certain kinds of content, maybe the stuff would even be pre-selected by Viacom or other telcos and ISPs. Say bye bye to discovering cool new web stuff.

Doesn’t sound too tempting? You can get more info, and you can support Net Neutrality, here:


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