Webb Alert: New web video show about tech & games news (and good, too!)

Webb Alert by Morgan Webb (who has a very cool, diverse background including some media, some tech, some rhetoric, and some modeling) gives a (nearly) daily round-up of what’s happening in the web & games world. The episodes will be a neat five minutes each, so you’ll get all the news quick and easy. Plus, she knows her stuff well enough to go for the interesting bits, too. All the links to the show are provided as well, which is more than just convenient. (Michael Arrington loves her already, understandably.)

This should be really good, I wish there were more video podcasts as good as this. Good luck, Morgan!

(By the way, where’s the subscribe button? I can’t even find her on iTunes yet?) (My bad. I’m officially dumb ;) Thanks, Christian!)


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