Tell-tale: What can you learn from a guy who didn’t know what a cross walk is?

On his blog, Noah Kagan tells a very brief little story which I’d like to share with you:

A few weeks ago a guy asked me what to do at the crosswalk. I was a little shocked. Normally it would be the simple “you walk across the street.” And then I wondered if it was a hidden camera show so I looked around to see if he was for real. He was for real! Insane huh. Anyways, I did my good Eagle Scout of the day thing and explained how it works. Moral of the story. Even though you think your product is self-explanatory there are people who have no idea. Don’t take for granted what people know and make it as easy as possible to understand things.

Sounds funny? Sure does – but this really sums it up: Don’t take for granted what people know, and (even more importantly) don’t take for granted people know what you know. Particularly not about your product, service or company, or in your general area of expertise.

So next time you write a post for your corporate blog, a manual, or you simply answer the phone, just keep that in mind.

Thanks, Noah!

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