Status report: Some minor updates to this site

Usually I wouldn’t put up a post about how this site is structured, or about any minor changes in general. But since all the changes have been made due to input of one kind or another from friends and those following this blog, I’d like to take the opportunity to say: Thank you!

So, what has changed? Minor stuff, really, but hopefully it makes improves your experience…

The individual posts looked kind of cluttered, so I cleaned up a bit: No more info about incoming Technorati links. They were interesting for me in the first place, but you wouldn’t get much out of it. The list of categories for any given post wandered up, so now they’re right below the headline. So is the link to the comments.

At the bottom of the posts, I’ve added the WordPress Sociable plugin that makes sharing extra easy. Find something you like? Feel free to digg it, or to send it to, Mr Wong or Furl.

Already a little while back I started to de-clutter the sidebar. While there’s still too much going on, I’ve simplified the links. Most links now go straigth to the personal a-list. (I love you all.)

Talking about the sidebar: Right above my a-list, you’ll also find my most recent links. For a while, I had them posted straight into the blog and had been torn between liking it and, well, not liking it. I got some pros and cons, but eventually, I think Chriggi was right, it does create a lot of white noise. So the sidebar it is.

As a nice side effect, with the bookmarks gone to the sidebar my RSS feed has a lot less white noise, too. If you’d like to subscribe to my bookmarks, you can find my RSS feed here. (Although I might switch to Ma.gnolia – it does look kind of better, don’t you think?)

Going one last step up, right above the link roll, you can find what (in lack of a better term) I labeled “outbox”. This is where I provide the links to where else I output to. We’re talking stalker material here, I’m afraid: Twitter, my shirt printing pet project, Flickr, Dopplr, and my tumblog The Tumbling Cat. Just for completeness’ sake I’ll also throw in Pownce. There you go.

(If you’re looking for invites to any of those, drop me a line, there’s plenty to go around.)

There’s one last thing: In the individual posts (i.e. not on the start page) I put a Google ad. Basically it’s just out of curiosity, since I don’t get the kind of traffic here that lets you earn money with ads. That hasn’t ever been the point here, though. (Is there a word for living in the long end of the long tail?) The ads might stay, or they might vanish anytime.

So, sorry again for the self-referential update. Hope you like the changes. If you don’t, drop me a line!