Newbies Guide to Twitter

When Twitter is mentioned outside the net community, more often than not you get kind of irritated looks: What’s the point of Twitter, exactly? This sounds so useless!

(Changes after playing around with Twitter, mostly. But that’s a different story.)

Chris Brogan wrote a great brief piece on his blog, explaining the basics of what Twitter is, how it works, how it can be used – A Newbies Guide To Twitter:

Most people who see Twitter the first time either flat-out “get it,” or they say, “why bother?” Here’s what people miss. They believe one should read every single update that rolls across your screen of choice. Don’t. Just let it roll past like a stream. Use the Replies tab and Twittersearch to make a better sense of who’s talking with you, but don’t obsess over reading every little scrap. Participate when you can. Leave when you can’t.

And why bother? Because that’s where the accelerated conversation is being held. That’s where we’re at (as they say). So go there, be part of the conversation, and see what Twitter does for you.

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