Election campaign videos: Obama campaign goes for video, big time

With videos being considered the hot stuff (or was it social networking, or SMS campaigns? oh well…) for the ongoing election U.S. campaigns, Obama Girl’s I got a crush on Obama was probably the one that stuck out most in terms of coverage. (Hillary Clinton’s song picking contest and Soprano Spoof were far out, too, of course.)

The Obama Girl video, as well as the video above (Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl) were produced by BarelyPolitical.com. I have to admit I’m somewhat torn between mourning the decline of political debate and being delighted by taking a fresh approach to politics in general and campaigning in particular. It’s a bit like a quick summary of pros and cons of the candidates. Very quick, that is, and of course from a pro-Obama point of view. Like a video version of the good old campaigning argument collections you get to defend your candidate against your neighbor, sort of.

I’m curious about how this space is going to develop in the upcoming months. Can I has the next candidate video, pleeze?

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