Banksy @ Palestine Video

Banksy has been the street artist for a few years. Even if you’re not particularly into street art you’ve probably seen a number of his works. He does a lot of stencils, but he’s also sneaked his works into art galleries, disguised as regular exhibits. His style is amazing, ironic, and often very political. I love it.

The video above is a Channel 4 feature showing Banksy (so to speak) at work, spraying some of his most famous motives on the wall segregating Palestine and Israel. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him on video, which is kind of odd, really: There must be more footage out there…? Anyway, good stuff!

Here’s what Flickr has to offer about Banksy.

(via addic[tee]d)

Update: A pretty good overview of Banksy’s works is shown in this video:

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