Great copyright documentary: Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy (Denmark, 2007) is an amazing short documentary about copyright & remixing culture.

(Also, it features Yochai Benkler in a great video interview at Re:Publica 2007 Wizards of OS 4 (Thanks, Thomas!), which is so much less blurry more professionally produced than the snippets (1, 2, 3, 4) I shot with Thomas just the morning after ;)

Trust Cory Doctorow when he says:

The movie has a very light touch, and a lot of humor. This has been a banner year for copyright documentaries, but this is the best looking of the lot, with superb production values. This is a masterclass on the copyright wars crammed into 58 minutes of video — a must-see.

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Update: Henrik points out that the video above is not the documentary but just a trailer. (Thanks, Henrik!) You can get the full documentary here: If you can, consider supporting it with a donation, or talk to your local broadcaster about buying the documentary!


Was that really Republica? I think not, I think it was, erm.. eh .. this other conference in Columbiahalle, open source free culture thing, now I can’t come up with the name!

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