Dramatic Hamster remix: You talkin’ to me?

Dramatic Hamster: You talkin’ to me? (Click to watch the video in a new window.)

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you may have seen the (soon to be classic) Hamster With The Dramatic Look video. (It’s on youtube, too.)

Well, here’s a little remix fun.

(I’ve remixed it via Jumpcut, with mixed results: First, Jumpcut made me merge my Jumpcut ID with my Yahoo ID. Which I don’t like at all. The editing part worked fine. The options are very basic, indeed, and I kinda lost the audio track about 3 times. Also, it looked like the video hadn’t been saved, but it was just hidden as a draft somewhere. The result, though, is OK i guess for like 10 mins. So there you go.)


update: Ah, right, now I remember what really unnerved me: It looks like you can’t share Jumpcut videos except by email. (No embedding!) Or am I just being stupid?


It looks like I’ve been living under a rock since I discovered that video only today after Busted tees made a t-shirt about it! I can’t stop laughing honestly! I like your remix too regardless of all the problems you had… Take care and btw thanks for your link to my blog. I’ll return the favor. ;)

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