A Swarm of Angels: Thousands not hundreds

I was thrilled to hear that A Swarm of Angels (the amazing collaborative community-based film project lead by Matt Hanson) is hitting the 1000+ members mark: This also means its time to freeze membership for a little while to guarantee for the necessary stability. Phase 2 out of 5 accomplished!

You can join here.

As I’m typing this, the countdown to freezing the membership shows 001:08:28:34, i.e. 1 day and 8 hours to go. If you’re already a member, or if you joined before this countdown runs out, you’ll get First 1000 status, granting a number of privileges including the right to invite more members during the next phase. Membership, or the relevant investment if you want, is 25 pounds ($50, €36). You’ll be funding an amazing & fun collaborative film project. (According to Forbes Magazine, you’ll even be supporting a revolutionary.)

I’ve been involved (a lot more passively than actively, which is a bummer, really) with the Swarm for quite a while yet, and it’s been really interesting to get a glimpse into the way movies can be produced as collaboratively as this.

The two scripts that are being developed for production as of now are The Unfold and Glitch:

The Unfold A disaffected Musician receives a phone call from his Mother, who everyone believed died a decade ago, triggering a search to rescue her inside ‘The Fold’. He sets off on a journey where he must confront family secrets, a shadowy organisation, Cell Division, and a strange dimensional force that threatens to destroy the world. Glitch A videogame artist recreates his childhood love as an idoru. A voyeuristic cable installer meddles in his customers lives. A neglected housewife finds evidence of an affair on a lost phone. In a world of the wireless, the powerless, and the loveless, it is time they all made a connection.

Both of which could be quite intriguing from what I’ve heard so far.

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I have to admit I was sceptical at first, now I am even more surprised that the swarm of angels actually is taking of, that it is going to work (and your enthusiasm about it was justified). It’s great to see that some ideas just need a little more time but than kick off even mightier.