We’re big in Japan!

UOC Well, kind of. We are in Spain/Catalonia, though, that’s for sure: Between Max Senges, Thomas Praus and myself we’ve written a summer university course for Barcelona-based Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia), or UOC for short. The summer school course is about Second Life, and how it can be applied for all kinds of different means. It’s partly quite basic, partly somewhat more advanced (like e-learning strategies etc.). It goes by the title “Mundos virtuales. Un paseo por Second Life” (“Virtual worlds. A stroll in Second Life”, Google-translated version here).

I’m thrilled, really – this is definitively a first for me. Never written a course – or a text book – before, and it was great fun with both Thomas and Max. (Thanks, guys!) We haven’t cleared the rights as of yet, but I hope we can publish at least parts of the text here. Until then, I’m curious what tutor Álvaro Rodriguez is going to make out of our material. And, of course, I’m very curious to see the text book once it’s been printed: Since UOC is based in Barcelona and has a strong focus on Catalan identity, both the course and the text book will probably be translated into Catalan and Spanish. (How awesome is that?!)

The course is on between 2 July and 30 July 2007.