daily link postings: good or annoying?

As you may have noticed, I just included my daily links from del.icio.us. On one hand, I think it might add an extra bit of white noise in your RSS feed. On the other hand, I kinda like how it takes blogs back to what they initially were (or at least how this one started out): A list of links, mainly for myself, hopefully interesting to some of you out there as well.

(Of course, it’s also a great additional archive.)

What’s your take on this? Daily link posting: Hot or not?

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I’d rather say “Not”. Because – yes – it does add noise in my feedreader. I follow the del.icio.us-links of some people whose findings might be relevant for me anyhow (like yours). And seeing them another time in the blog feed is just one thing to click over.

But it isn’t that bad. Stay with it if you like :-) The regularity of the being confronted with your findings might be heplful.

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