Mesh networks & “over the top” services to fly under the Net Neutrality radar

Like Skype & basically all file-sharing networks, Joost streams its content via peer-to-peer technology. Shelly Palmer has some good notes about the disruptive powers “over the top” services, peer-to-peer, and particularly wireless mesh networks, could (and hopefully will) have on mainstream media. Especially for the TV guys, interesting times should be coming up…

3) By the end of 2007, bandwidth costs for video delivery over the top will be at or near zero. Companies like The Venice Project, urBuddies, BitTorrent, Veoh, MediaZone, RawFlow and about a dozen more will have robust peer-assisted, streaming mesh networks deployed during that time. This software flies under the Net Neutrality radar and makes serving lots of “over the top” video cost effective. 4) RSS (Really Simple Syndication), the language of blogs and podcasts is also the language of video blogs, playlists and meta-playlists. When combined with “over the top” video, you have a new model for affiliating websites into connected communities — this may well be the future of mass-customized video distribution. 5) “Over the top” applications are going to be the focus of a zillion lawsuits and possibly some regulatory action. These sociological conflicts will have a dramatic effect on the future of content distribution. If there are stays put in place while the battle rages, you will see technology flourish and older business models crumble. If cable operators and ISPs are allowed to “dial back” your bandwidth to limit “over the top” access, all bets are off!

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