Jimdo launched their international (i.e. English) version

login jimdo[1]Usually, web developers and real netheads wouldn’t really touch a point & click & drag & drop kind of online website creator. (Although admittedly, Google Pages is pretty good for a start.) But since I get asked pretty frequently about easy-to-use tools for DIY webdesign, here you go: I’d recommend Jimdo. (Don’t you dare tell anyone I recommended a point&click service.)

Jimdo is an all web 2.0-mashup-feed-me-anything kind of service where you can really easily just go ahead and drag and drop your text boxes, Flickr images, RSS feeds and what not right on your page. You can move it all up & down & around, no learning curve necessary.

Thomas aka DJ Stylewalker, who first pointed me to Jimdo, has tried it for a little project and was more than happy. And since he also mentioned the Hamburg-based team to be decent guys, I’m quite happy to pass that on. (This is what a 3 min drag & drop version of The Waving Cat would look like.)

That’s good stuff – Congrats, Matthias, Fridtjof and Christian!

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