Jamendo: Discover all kinds of music, free and legal (CC rules)

Jamendo Sick of your ever-DRM-protected iTunes music? At Jamendo artists publish their music under a Creative Commons license, so you can enjoy, download and share it with your friends for free – and it’s all perfectly legal, too. Also, no more copy protection or other annoyances like you get in most online shops.

As Tim O’Reilly once famously said, most artists’ problem isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity. So this is a great way for artists to get their music out there and build up a fan community. For music fans, it’s an awesome way to find new and interesting music: Jamendo just distributed the 1 millionth album. The range of music is pretty wild, too, as it ranges from French Industrial Trip Hop to Russian Ska Punk.

(The embedded online player is a little odd – I’d recommend just downloading the songs.)

(Thanks, Henning!)