Liberate Second Life.

And make it 3D, too, while you’re at it, non?

Recently, Linden Labs released the Second Life client software under an open source license. Note that that’s only the client software, i.e. the viewer you download to see the virtual world. The grid, i.e. the actual world itself, will stay non-open.

However, even with the client out just for a few weeks, a few projects cool have already popped up: At University of Michingan’s 3D Lab, a modified version of the client is being developed to hook up Second Life with the GeoWall project to create stereoscopic views (Link).

Hopefully, Linden Labs will realize how much more potential there is in Second Life, so they’d release the whole project to unleash the maximum innovation…

Meanwhile, the libsecondlife project tries to find out how Second Life works from a technical perspective to allow for easier creation of third-party tools. Right on!

(Thanks, Max!)