Joost Beta

This morning I got a beta account for Joost. Boy, that made me happy. Joost, formerly known as the Venice Project, the new video-p2p-streaming extravaganza by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Remember, the guys behind Skype and Kazaar?

Sadly, ’cause I spent the night at a friend’s place fiddling with their wireless routers (what a pain), I didn’t have a chance to check it out right away. But hey, what better motivation to get the broadband working than some revolutionary high rez on demand video gadget?

I’ll definitively check it out more thoroughly within the next days. But from the first glimpse, it sure does look awesome. While the videos did occasionally stop for buffering during the first seconds, I was more than impressed with the quality and also the speed: It takes hardly a second ten secs for the movies to start.

There were some ads, but very brief & of the non-disturbing kind.

As for the content and the social features, I’ll have to take a longer look: There’s plenty of stuff to do & see & fiddle with, and so far, it’s been feeling very intuitive. Within 5 minutes, I happened upon the oddest content from a live concert (in San Fran?), a skate thrasher punk music video, some surfing stuff. More than curious what else is on so far.

Not that this is a risky guess, but I’d say the two got it right again, and Joost is here to stay. Stay tuned.



Hey Waving Cat

I’m excited about Joost too. I read an article about it in the NY Times, and now it’s all I can think about. I would love to cancel my cable, and just get all my TV “over the top.” One day…..sooner rather than later. I hope.

  • Jennifer

@tibi: sorry, right now i don’t have any. as far as i know, there’ll be a brief stop for the sign-ups, then there’ll be a rush of new beta testers. so keep checking back, you might be lucky!