The Venice Project goes public beta

The Venice Project, an IP-TV project by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis (the good guys behind Kazaa and Skype), has gone public beta and changed names. Now officially dubbed Joost, it has been subject of quite a bit of discussion lately. Given their track record, you can count on two things: It’s peer-to-peer based, and will be a major disruption to the industry. I’d expect a lot of TV executives banging their heads against the wall once Joost takes off and we can stream the video content we want, whenever we want. According to, the picture quality is decent, “stunning and crisp” even, while one hour of video stream takes up no more than around 250MB. So stay tuned, and let’s see what’s the deal with the content – ads, free sharing, purely ‘official’ sources, or a healthy mix?

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