Sunset Comm

sunset commsunset comm Hosted on Zooomr

Hm, Zooomr is still giving out free pro accounts to bloggers. The above photo is test & proof. Who says giving out freebies won’t buy you votes? ;) Anyway, my first impression:

Overall, Zooomr looks like a decent piece of work so far. (Although we need to be clear that we’re talking flickr clone here. Nothing bad about drawing from good services, though.) Geo-tagging is integrated well, the interface looks relatively smooth.

What I couldn’t help but noticing, though, is how relatively tough it is to post photos to your weblog. Kinda weird, given that this is supposed to be zooomr’s strong side. (You have to go via the “show all sizes” menu to find the html code you can copy&paste, or do it manually by just copy&pasting the photo’s URL.) What happened to good ol’ “blog this photo”?

Overall it looks promising and the 4 gig-per-month upload limit allows for some serious photo stashing. Let’s see how it develops!