Larry Lessig on singing in the shower

Markus got a hold of Lawrence Lessig and has put up some pretty cool videos of their interview.

As a brief sample, Larry Lessig on singing in the shower:

“It is important that there be use of culture free of the regulation of copyright law. And the job of copyright law is to draw the parallels between appropriate places for regulation and appropriate places for freedom. In principle, (…) I could put devices in everybody’s shower and record what songs you sing in the morning and charge you for that. Or in principle, we could be taxing every single context in which music might be performed in order to guarantee that we’re collecting revenues every time music is actually invoked. But I think a more traditional view is to recognize that there are places where the law copyright is appropriate and places where it’s not. And what we have to do in the context of the internet is to try to find a way to draw that line, to distinguish between places where it’s appropriate and places where it’s not.”


Here’s a list of the interview parts.

  1. What is Creative Commons?
  2. What would you tell German politicians about copyright?
  3. What’s the difference between the CC commercial and non-commercial licenses, where’s the line?
  4. Producing creativity: What’s the difference between Sharing Economy, Networked Economy and old economy?
  5. The non-commercial sector: How can Creative Commons licenses help NGOs?
  6. Science: What is the idea behind Science Commons?
  7. What’s wrong with copy protection?
  8. What is Net Neutrality about?
  9. Which license would you prefer for this interview?

Great stuff, thanks Markus! Check out for all the videos plus some updates.

All the videos are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0, and if that sounds cryptic to you, just check out this very friendly explanation.

And to complete the hyperlink frenzy: Creative Commons are having their annual fundraising campaign. Supporting them has never been easier: Even if you don’t feel like donating, just watch the “Wanna Work Together” video and click the ad at the end, CC will get 50% of the ad revenue.

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