“Killer games” news

Who says ego shooters are bad for young people? Northwestern University students Sara Owsley and Nathan Nichols developed News at Seven: A tool that automatically composes a whole news show from news feeds, tagged images and videos. The news are presented Machinima style, so the news anchor is a video game character taken, for example, from ego shooter Half Life. The news anchor reads out the news taken from the newsfeeds while images are added to the background. To add even more color, the news are commented on by an external correspondent who gives an insight into the comments going on in the blogosphere.

All of the sources are there anyway, so News at Seven just collects and re-connects them, thereby creating something completely new. As if this wasn’t mind-blowing enough, news can be completely customized. Wanna hear only about a certain topic or do you prefer another news anchor? Go for it. Link

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