YouTube “Underground” Band Contest

YouTube and Cingular (!) are organizing an underground (!) band contest on YouTube. (Please apologize the slightly sarcastic italics.):

“YouTube “Underground” Contest is on a quest to find the most talented and entertaining unsigned musicians and bands out there.”

I guess Thomas is right when he says: “No more casting shows on TV, this genre is now officially moving to the internet.” Poor TV guys. Another genre just slipped away. Apart from that (and the “underground” part),  I have to admit that I kind of like the idea of using platforms like YouTube for these kind of contests: It’s all opt-in, so nobody gets bothered who doesn’t want to watch it; It takes places directly where the community is; And it’s much more open to more bands than it could ever be on TV.

Now if the songs played in the contest would be given to the Commons, how cool would that be? (A man can dream, huh?)

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