Dropping Knowledge

If you’re in Berlin next weekend, don’t forget to check out Dropping Knowledge. At Bebelsplatz Square in Berlin they’ll set up a massive roundtable, where 112 intellectuals, artists, writers and thinkers answer the most pressing questions. They will answer a selection of the questions everyone can ask on the Dropping Knowledge website. On the roundtable, these 112 people will try to answer the posed questions, and these answers will be recorded and be given back into the public sphere. (And thereby automatically blogosphere, that is.)

My description above sucks, so check out this video to get a better idea (there are plenty more, it’s just one I liked):


You can tell that there’s quite some marketing-fu going on behind the scenes. Great photos, awesome videos. (All copyleft, of course.) The project’s weblog The Drop is also definitively worth spending some time on.

So see you there: Bebelsplatz Square (via Google Maps), Berlin, next Saturday.

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