Collaboration Tools

A great list of collaboration tools on socialedge.

“I have no money to spend on software or other devices, but need to collaborate on a … project … involving 5 or more people and the exchange of documents for group editing. The collaborators do have computers, and a broadband Internet connection, but not much else. What communication and collaboration tools will best help me manage this project?”

Collaborating efficiently is one of the most important issues for any kind of project, but if there’s no money to spend, good solutions are hard to find. (Have been, that is. Maybe it’s changing right now.) But if there’s a toolkit or two to get away from bouncing emails back and forth, I wouldn’t hesitate a sec.

I’ve been sort of following for awhile now, but over the last few weeks it’s been turning into one of my fav sites. There’s a great atmosphere about it, and always some gems to find.