Beirut: Bombs and Blogs

Mazen Kerbaj blogs from Beirut, Lebanon: About “free improvised music + comics + bombs + drawings”. The Beirut-based musician and visual artist draws a picture of everyday life in Lebanon these days – a life between bomb-related power shortages and drinking espresso in nice street cafés.

excerpt from an email that’s been spreading for awhile:

dear friends from lebanon and abroad, the situation out here is pretty fucked up. the communications and the roads are disabled. the airport also. no way to leave the country. we are 4 musicians participating in a huge project in the usa. we had to leave tonight. impossible. … but there is nothing to worry about. we’re well trained (physically and mentally) to support this shit. … to keep myself busy, i am starting a blog… it contains some drawings of last night drawings for a start. please send me your comments there. it will be easier to communicate with the whole word. it is our last way to do this, and we fucking need it.


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