New magazine: GOOD

GOOD is a new magazine, and from the looks of it, quite a neat one:

We engage and challenge the people, ideas and institutions driving change in the world. Our mission is to stimulate the culture of good by creating dialogue around things that matter. … We live in an era of change fueled by the freest exchange of ideas and creativity in history. With individuals now able to connect to millions, distances shrink and we feel the impact of each other’s actions more quickly and more tangibly than ever before. From the pop status of hybrid cars to the future of energy, from the mass appeal of sweatshop-free clothing to the near obsession with organic everything, from the blurred line between celebrity and activism to the merger of capitalism and idealism, the world is just waking up to a new good.

What I particularly like is the subscription model: You choose which organization you’d like to support (among them are Creative Commons, TeachForAmerica and others) and subscribe for $20, GOOD Magazine donates 100% of your subscription fee to that very organization.

Link (Thanks, Henning!)