The Next Big Thing: A Swarm of Angels

A little while ago I posted about A Swarm of Angels, an ambitious independent movie production I just find incredibly neat & innovative. A Swarm of Angels is one of this month’s nominees for The Next Big Thing, and it’s certainly worth being supported. (Some of the other projects there are worth checking out, too!) You can vote here.

As a reminder: A Swarm of Angels is raising 1m pound (yes, that’s 1.000.000 sterling) in micro-donations (from 50.000 supporters) to shoot a kick-ass real big sci-fi thriller, funded and supported by its community, and later to be given back to the community under a Creative Commons license: Free to distribute, free to remix, free to mash-up. The first elements of the soundtrack are already on the website and support by the web community has been great so far.

I think it’s really not too much to claim that by donating a mere 25 pounds, you can become part of a historic development in movie history which could change the way we produce movies profoundly. Also, you get a say in the whole production process including script, soundtrack, marketing: anything, everything.

The Swarm is recruting. You still have the chance to be one of the first 1.000 members: Join now!