Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems

The Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems: a user-friendly guide for policymakers and technologists offerings tools for understanding, creating, and sustaining open information and communication technologies ecosystems.

Good stuff. If you’re interested at all in open systems, don’t miss out on this one. The roadmap was put together by the Harvard Law School. [Link, PDF, via]


Thanks for mentioning our Roadmap. It is always encouraging to see that people find it useful and relevant to their work. It has found a broad audience among governments and industry around the world.

In addition to my work running the Open ePolicy Group and IT consulting, I also blog frequently about ICT policy issues. Feel free to visit my blog at:

Jeff Kaplan Founder & Director Open ePolicy Group Berkman Center for Internet & Society Harvard University

Thanks for your note – I bookmarked your weblog right away. The roadmap is exactly what you need to convince, well… lagging government representatives and policy makers – over here in Berlin, too. (Of course, that it has the Harvard stamp doesn’t hurt, either ;-) Again: Thanks a lot!

(By the way: I’m a big fan of Audio Berkman. If anyone out there hasn’t check it out, it’s a great podcast about Internet law and technology.)


I should mention that we are now designing Phase 2 of the Open ePolicy Group to provide those governments with more tools to “openize” their ICT ecosystems, and more broadly drive agency, enterprise and economic transformation.

On that subject, I will ask you and your readers for ideas of institutions in Europe who are active in technology policy and might be candidates for involvement in our Open ePolicy Group. Please share your ideas with me at:

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