O’Reilly and the whole “Web 2.0 Conference” story…

…is so not worth the discussion. So O’Reilly has registered the servicemark “Web 2.0” for conferences. So what? The servicemark is for conferences only. Web 2.0 is not about conferences in the first place, though. It’s way more than that. Come on, people: The term Web 2.0 is there and it’s there to stay. Not because it’s irreplaceable, but because everybody all the people involved know what it means. Are you allowed to call your conference “Web 2.0” or not? It’s not important. Just be creative and pick a different name for your conference. Instead of bashing O’Reilly, we should respect Tim & Co for the catchy term, non?


Peter, I think you’ve got it absolutely right. It’s not that big a deal.

However, they’ve made it much worse for themselves by not clarifying that at the beginning.

The next couple of days will be extremely interesting.

Yeah, you got a good point there. It certainly was very, well, insensitive by O’Reilly. But seriously, I can’t help the feeling that a lot of people out there are just trying to exploit the situation to come up with the next hip name so they can claim it. (Remember Andy Warhol’s remark about everbody’s 15 minutes of fame?) ;)