OhMyNews exports citizen journalism world-wide

OhMyNews has long been one of the few truly successful citizen journalism sites. (In fact, we just tried to come up with a few more examples and could only find very tech-focused projects and some… uh… not-so-successful ones. Did we miss out on any?)

Now, there are initiatives in other countries as well. (Check out Netzeitung’s new site Readers Edition in Germany, which is going to launch this week or next.)

Now OhMyNews is taking the next step: Exporting citizen journalism. They have the skills & experience, and they wanna share it:

We are inviting you to our new section, “Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice.” Since the inception of our international operation two years ago, we have been focusing on how to recruit more citizen reporters. Now we believe it’s time for us to think about how to go about doing citizen journalism itself.
The concept itself is not hard to understand; rather, it is its execution that is less than easy. Thus there are few successful citizen journalism sites. And for that reason we are launching a new section. We’d like to share what we have experienced and learned from our operation. Our new section “Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice,” we hope, will be a kind of teahouse for citizens to gather and freely discuss citizen journalism and share their own experiences with each other.

This is awesome, and quite seriously: It’s about time some more ambitious projects just like OhMyNews pop up. Just think about the chances this would open up to citizens of authoritarian and semi-authoritarian countries… Now this might be the little push it takes to get started: Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice.


Newsvine might be considered semi citizen journalistic (they syndicate the articles from the AP (AFAIK), but mix in votings, comments, anyone can seed articles from other sources or write their own, the popular ones make it to the frontpage again, …)

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