Amazing Doll Man

X-Men: The Last Stand” just grossed $44.5 million last Friday, ranking it third most-successful all time right after “Star Wars Episode III” and “Shrek 2”. That in mind, you might think: Hey, what about all those other super heroes who haven’t (yet?) got their own movies? Well, wonder no more. Wired’s Lore Sjöberg has some movie ideas for us. This one I particularly liked:

Doll Man Doll Man’s power is to shrink down to 6 inches in height while retaining his normal strength. No criminal, no matter how superstitious and/or cowardly, could ever fear Doll Man. “Lo! An extremely tiny figure looms, endowed with the strength of one normal man! The only way I can escape is to run away, or perhaps stroll briskly!” He eventually partnered with Doll Girl and flew a Dollplane, but how does that help? Six inches isn’t even that small. In his movie Doll Man will battle, I don’t know, a dyspeptic Yorkie with a bad attitude. Seriously, Doll Man? Tagline: This Summer, Maybe You Should Consider Reading More.

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