ArchiveApril 10, 2006

to do


Still looking for a decent, simple, workable hack to keep track of to do lists, a handful of links, some notes, ideas and all that. a lot of people have had ideas about what to do, quite a few really good ones too – the alpha geeks being Merlin “43 folders” Mann with some good stuff about smarter to do lists, as well as plenty of posts on life hacker, which are almost always worth reading. (One reader posted a comment on 43 folders about a personal instant intranet – “just add water”, which sounds promising, but still just isn’t it.)

In a conversation recently a friend pointed something out that seems so simple, it nearly hurts, which makes me believe it might actually work: to simply put up a wiki on your pc.

first, the cons:

  • you need to install some kind of server software. allegedly, there are some very simple-to-install packages available. (just tried it for 5 mins, and it didn’t quite work, but a good night’s sleep will probably fix it/me.)
  • it’s offline, i.e. on your computer. not available from anywhere else, which might be a gamebreaker. alternatively, you could simply put it on your webserver, instead. But personally, I’m not skilled enough in terms of security, and since the personal wiki (should we call it iWikim just for the lower-case i’s sake?) would contain plenty of sensitive data, this might be a bad idea.

So, at the pros we look:

  • nice & simple
  • very flexible & scalable
  • you can produce to do lists, link them to notes, link those to websites. it’s versatile, yet powerful.
  • it’s possible to include other data than text, like images where necessary.
  • the search function allows you to find stuff outside your todo.txt file.

Partly, all this works with todo.txts plus google desktop as well, but this is always a bit messy. what i like about the idea is that you can produce everything offline, and once the security issues are settled, you can just upload the whole thing and you have it all online. which in turn would allow you to update all the stuff from any wireless cafe with your PDA or laptop, anytime.

Any ideas or experience? What do you do to keep track of what’s to do, status, links etc?