ArchiveMarch 31, 2006

lingo trouble


Nicole Simon has some interesting points to make about blog language. Interesting one, still: Which language to write in – English? Native? Bilingual? The latter one seems to be ruled out by default, as it’s simply too much effort & too boring to produce everything twice. Native? Access for everybody with the same-language background, no matter which level of education. English? More interaction with the blogosphere at large is possible – your English-blogging fellow bloggers won’t be able to link to your stuff if it’s some obscure language they don’t understand.

Tough one. Any ideas? I’d propose to have the discussion at Nicole’s blog where it started: [Nicole Simon:]

NYT direct


It should come as no surprise that “Basic Instinct 2,” the long-gestating follow-up to Paul Verhoeven’s 1992 blip on the zeitgeist screen, is a disaster of the highest or perhaps lowest order. It is also no surprise that this joyless calculation, which was directed by Michael Caton-Jones and possesses neither the first film’s sleek wit nor its madness, is such a prime object lesson in the degradation that can face Hollywood actresses, especially those over 40. Acting always involves a degree of self-abasement, but just watching trash like this is degrading.

Now, surprise, surprise! Anyway, that’s what I really like about New York Times movie reviews. They’re just in-your-face. Also, NYT has another excellent newsletter I can only recommend: Circuit, an excellent tech newsletter, which regularly comes with a top story written by the great David Pogue. They just got it right!