ArchiveFebruary 21, 2006

Activist Wear


Shoes designed to help Mexican immigrants  cross the border

We Make Money Not Art presents Judi Wertheim’s Brincos: Sneakers designed for Mexican immigrants crossing the Mexican-US border. They feature, among other things, a flashlight to find your way; painkillers in case you get hurt; a compass and a map of the most popular routes going from Tijuana to San Diego on the insole; and symbolism galore:

The Brinco is an ankle-high trainer which is green, red, and white – the colors of the Mexican flag. An Aztec eagle is embroidered on the heel. On the toe is the American eagle found on the US quarter, to represent the American dream the migrants are chasing. And on the back ankle, a drawing of Mexico’s patron saint of migrants.
According to Gizmodo they were handed out for free to immigrants (although it isn’t said on which side of the border), and sold in San Diego hip-stores for as much as $215…

In case you were wondering: brincar is Spanish for jump, as in to jump the border.

[via gizmodo]

barrier free


A BIK (Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren = Communicate And Inform Barrier Free) test has looked into the last federal election campaign websites by Germany’s political parties. Here’s the results:Only two parties (PDS & SPD) were at least “partly usable”, the other four were tested “hardly usable” for users with special needs. This isn’t good news at all – it means that the parties don’t code their websites barrier free and usable for all.