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UN summit on information society / who rules the web?


Who rules the web? That’s one of the main questions of the UN Summit on Information Society.

As metablocker posted yesterday, the German representatives for the UN Summit On Information Society (WSIS) have just been announced:

  1. Jeanette Hofmann (short info)
  2. Heike Jensen (short info)
  3. Ralf Bendrath (short info)
  4. Rainer Kuhlen (short info)
  5. Markus Beckedahl (short info

I think everybody can be quite happy with. (well, at least i am, that’s for sure.)

In his posting, though, Christoph mentioned that the German government wouldn’t even pay for the participants’ plane tix. That is quite disappointing. Instead, good ol’ Heinrich Boell Foundation chips in the tickets. (The Boell Foundation belongs to the German Green Party, and is one of the key players you can’t miss whenever you talk about Germany & the web. They’re the good guys.)

If you wanna read up on the summit (WSIS), either go straight to the source (WSIS website), or for a german view on the whole thing and some good in-depth reports read (Great website, but the articles are in german only.)

[via metablocker]

EFF: Attack of the printing press


Attack of the printing press

Printing presses are the prized platform of a public lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel, and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Ben Franklin and John Hancock.

Take the tea tax. Revenue was coming, providing much needed funding to help with his Majesty’s benevolent aims in the colonies…

Soon your King was fielding correspondence from alarmed subjects and assuring them he hadn’t been unethical. Eerily similar allegations began popping up in anonymous posts in the New England Courant, but the Courant refused His Majesty’s demand to identify the attackers. “The lawyer for the Courant basically told me, ‘Ha-ha-ha, you’re screwed,'” the King’s counselor says. Meanwhile, his tormentor sent letters about his Majesty to France, Prussia, Spain and the New York Stock Exchange…

the EFF’s reaction to the scary-bad-blog-bashing article on forbes (which claimed, in brief, that weblogs are inherently evil and serve the single purpose of destroying The Hardworking Industry.)

excellent stuff, read the EFF’s whole story, my old posting, the forbes article.

and don’t forget to have a look at die romantische komödie, who pointed out the link. (Cheers, Gell!)