ArchiveOctober 17, 2005

Amazon BlockView (TM)


ooff. just got email from, and a scary one.

amazon obviously launched their own yellow pages. (if that’s new or old i wouldn’t know.) so they just asked me to confirm some info about my old home. that’s a non-profit student dorm-like place, but i doubt that they amazon knows about the non-profit part:

Dear Amazon customer,
We want to introduce you to BlockView™ on the Yellow Pages!’s Yellow Pages creates business listings from a variety of public sources.

We have pictures of the block where [my old home] is located.

Curious about new technologies, i actually clicked the link. (and was surprised about myself and how much i trusted something just because of the amazon label and some credible customization. but anyways.)

scary tech.

they actually sent me a picture of the house i used to live in. or i should say, they tried: the photo actually showed the war veteran museum next door instead. but anyway, how scary is that???

and you can actually scroll up and down the street to pick a better view and share it with other customers.

scary. scary. scary.

(i’d rather track public buses in realtime, that’s waaaay more useful: seattle bus monster)