ArchiveOctober 15, 2005

128K Line in the bathroom


PSINet Japan's POP in Joi Ito's bathroom circa 1994

I lent them my bathroom to be their first POP in Japan. (People wouldn’t rent space to an unknown US company.) I was probably one of the first people in Japan to have a 128K leased line in their toilet.

Joi Ito about PSINets expansion to Japan (via his bathroom). Nowadays, among other things, he’s on the board of directors of creative commons.

I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but the truth is: I like geeky people.

fashion victim


fashion victim

oh, and this dude even has a website, which turns out to be kind of funny. (what is it with me, that i tend to find websites of military dictatorships so amusing?)

Note that to enter the website, you get tunneled through a “leader” website, where both the great leader and the dear leader wave at you.

also, i just heard that from someone in south korea that access to all north korean websites is blocked. that was new to me: does south korea filter a lot of stuff?

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