ArchiveMay 6, 2005



Nicht nur das Radio ist ein bisschen später dran in Australien. Auch Videoinstallationen sind noch immer der ganz heiße Scheiß. Ein paar kleine Auszüge aus einem Artikel über eine Ausstellung:

1. The exhibition title Radiography is the illegitimate offspring of the words “radio” and “geography”. The linguistic mutation is well suited for a show that taps into the significance of space in the transmission of sound.

2. Everything about the installation tweaks the viewer’s expectation of a spectacular event. But the longer you wait for an announcement, the more your anticipation decays into scepticism. It turns out that, rather than being a flashy demonstration of technical prowess, Cavanough’s sculpture is a celebration of redundancy and failure. The ramp leads nowhere and the speaker doesn’t work, providing a viewing experience that is like the art-world equivalent of being “punk’d”.

3. The artist’s second installation, You, comes charged with an unlikely sonic clash: a 1950s ballad and the crackling of truckie radio talk. A fragment of the swooning song has been slowed down and looped, providing the soundtrack for a video projection of an outback road steaming in the sun. A murder of crows gather on the tar, lunching on road kill. Facing off with this mesmerising image is a satellite dish suspended from the ceiling. It replays random soundbites intercepted by a radio scanner.