ArchiveApril 18, 2005

WiFi Pimps


Der großartige David Weinberger [Cluetrain Manifesto] über WiFi im Hotel:

You can get broadband via a wire in your bedroom for $10 for 24 hours, or you can take advantage of the wifi in the hotel lobby for $10 per use.

Yes, per use. […]

Leave it to the pace-setting Scottsdale Plaza Resort to move to the per-session wifi model made popular by pay phones and hookers.

ach ja?


“Cars being keyed [engl: Autos mit dem Schlüssel zerkratzen] is a worldwide pandemic at the moment and this should hopefully draw attention to it. Maybe it will enter the mainstream, like graffiti.”

Sagt Mark McGowan, schottischer Künstler, dem Sydney Morning Herald. Nachdem er 47 Autos zerkratzt hat.