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agnes water


seem just not to be able to memorize this town’s name. right next door is town of 1770 (rumour has it that it has a population of 90). awesome, relaxed little former surfer town.

best hostel ever, or at least my personal top 5 (the others being the YHA in Katoomba, Blue Mountains; Treehouse Lodge, Ko Chang, Thailand; a third one that i just forgot).

welcome tour sponsored by the hostel: a ‘city tour’ around the area, which turned out to be a 4WD tour, with me being the driver. awesome! later: 3h scooter ride including wedges and beer and a sunset. note: first scooter hirer who actually encouraged the group to a)leave the keys in the scooters b)leave the helmets on the scooters and c)have a beer before the trip back. he also grabbed the wedges for us and brought them down to the rocks so we wouldn’t miss the sunset.

cangaroos en masse plus wallabies. pretty cool!



peinliches missgeschick. gestern ueber edward hopper gelesen, isolation des einzelnen, uebergangsorte etc: bahnhoefe, wartezimmer, tankstelle. oft einzelne personen, gestrandet in der nacht.

heute per nachtbus gereist, greyhound, und an einer extrem hopperschen tankstelle pause gemacht. der fahrer allein am tisch sitzend mit einer kaffeetasse, auf den stummgeschalteten fernseher starrend. versucht, heimlich ein photo zu machen, einen tee gekauft, in die gegenueberliegende ecke gesetzt, und dann – das geraeusch der kamera, oder vielleicht meine bewegung: er hat’s definitiv gemerkt, schaut zu mir rueber, ich konnte nicht anders als peinlich beruehrt auf die kamera zu starren als sei nichts passiert, und das bild ist nicht mal was geworden.

verschaemt den tee ausgetrunken und rausgeschlichen.

Documentation for an open-source online Content Management System


Dear LazyWeb,
we’ve developed an open-source content management system, which is nice, simple and quite powerful. but as it goes with 2people teams, we haven’t gotten around to really write a documentation, neither in the code, nor for the users. (here’s what we’ve got so far.)
both are pretty straight-forward. but of course, there’s also a bit of nasty fineprint: snippets of the code, particularly some variables, are in german.
but we can translate the variables short-term, if that is any help. also, we have set up a nice wiki to write the user-docu into.
any help there would be greatly appreciated.